Learning for Life: The Kollel seeks to engage Jews of all ages to continue to understand and deepen their connection to Jewish learning.

One of the Kollel’s trademark programming successes is their adult education classes.  We offer one on one study sessions, group learning in your home with a group of friends, lunch and learns in your office, regular Torah study groups in all of the Rabbi’s homes, special interest women’s classes, men’s night outs “mishmar,” Kosher series classes, study sessions with your ‘chavera.’

Our topics range from Jewish law, Jewish History, Mysticism, In-depth Parsha Study, Self-Growth through Torah, Medical Ethics, Business Ethics, character building workshops, Holocaust Studies and Anti-Semitism, Biblical Heros, Famous Women from the Torah and Talmud, Holiday Primers, Seder Workshops, Preparing for the High Holidays, Wisdom in Jewish Parenting, Building Lasting Relationships and more. We truly offer ‘something for everyone.’

Have a Jewish topic not listed here that you are interested in?  No problem!  Let us know and we will try to put a group together for you and your friends.

If you would like to learn more about our current class roster, or inquire about a private study group please contact,

R Shaya Katz